Adopted by the board of AB Helsingborgshem 9 June 2005.

All people shall have equal right and opportunity to apply for and receive a flat in the public utility housing company, AB Helsingborgshem.

We shall support and work for positive growth in the city of Helsingborg and contribute to creating a good balance and natural mixture of all kinds of people and households in our residential areas. We shall contribute to creating pleasant, safe and stable residential areas and satisfied tenants.

All applicants who fulfil the company’s basic requirements below, regardless of income, age, family composition and ethnic background, can become tenants of Helsingborgshem.

Basic requirements

  • You must be at least 18. 
  • Helsingborgshem must always be able to estimate that the future tenant has reasonable financial resources* to pay the rent for the flat. If you do not meet the requirements of an acceptable income this can be compensated, in certain cases, by an approved guarantor or bank guarantee. 
  • You may not have any record of non-payment** of debts or any other negative references***
  • Any prior debt to Helsingborgshem must be settled. 
  • You must have valid home insurance****.
Main rule
An available flat is offered to the applicant with the longest directory time.

Although special consideration can be given to
  • Companies that are about to be established or are expanding in the city.
  • Tenants who have been with Helsingborgshem for more than a year, whose housing needs have changed*****.
  • Households that have special need for support according to the welfare agreement and the refugee agreement that Helsingborgshem has with the city of Helsingborg. 

* Reasonable financial resources
To become a tenant you must have a reasonable amount left to live on once the rent is paid. We use “Konsumentverket” (The Swedish Consumer Agency’s) calculations for “reasonable costs per month” as our norm when estimating.

** Record of non-payment of debts
Any debts concerning rent for a flat and the like are considered serious. Other debts are considered in each individual case. If you have any form of record of non-payment of debts you must be able to show that you are working actively to solve them. Any prior debt to Helsingborgshem must be settled before you can receive a flat.

*** Negative references
You must not have any record of non-payment of rent, disturbing other tenants or neglecting prior flats.

**** Valid home insurance
When signing a rental contract you have to be able to prove that you have valid home insurance. If you don’t have home insurance you can fill in an application for home insurance through Helsingborgshem when you sign the rental contract.

***** Housing needs have changed
The concept of changed housing needs refers to changes that the tenant can’t influence i.e. illness, age and/or disability. We consider each separate case individually. We are not able to show any special consideration when it comes to divorce, separation or new additions to the family.